Poster with donation information for the blood drive

Blood Drive: BAIG Security x Onyx Cleaning Solutions

BAIG Security is partnering with Onyx Custom Cleaning Solutions and the Canadian Blood foundation in the month of December for a blood drive.

Onyx Custom Cleaning Solutions has events running through the entire month of December called December Day of Giving.

We will be hosting our blood drive on December 10 and December 12 in Burlington and Hamilton.

Make a difference this holiday season, donate blood and save lives.

Brochure for the blood drive

why is it important to Donate Blood?

When you donate blood, it is used for patients in need of blood for surgery, blood transfusions, and cancer.

“Donating blood saves lives.”

Dr. Robert DeSimone, director of transfusion medicine at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Benefits of Donating Blood

  • You receive a Free Health Screening. Like a mini-physical checkup.
  • You will find out if you have Healthy Heart and Vascular System. This lowers the risk of heart attacks.
  • A Happier, Longer Life
  • One blood donation can save up to three live.
  • You feel good. Knowing you have helped someone links to having positive health outcomes.

Blood Donation Tips

Here are some tips recommended by a doctor if you plan to give blood:

  • Drink plenty of water. This is to keep you hydrated and prevent you from feeling light-headed after.
  • Eat well before you donate. This is to ensure after donating you feel like yourself.
  • Exercise before donating blood, not afterward. This is to prevent you from feeling dizzy.
  • Take iron tablets. This is to boost production of iron and prevent from iron deficiency after donation.

Why is Professional Development Important in the Workplace?

What is Professional Development? 

After a person has entered the workforce, professional development refers to ongoing education and career training to assist them in gaining new abilities, keeping current on current trends, and progressing in their careers. 

Ensuring that individuals are able to stay relevant and up to date is one of the reasons for the importance of professional development. This is due to the fact that it allows for employees to stay up to date with the trends in their industry. Encouraging professional development allows for an increase in employee retention rate as employees are more likely to see growth opportunities and feel more involved and important to the company and their higher – ups.

Ways to Offer Professional Development

There are a few different ways to encourage professional development in the workplace, including mentorship programs, the use of technological advancement, and encouraging active participation. Creating internal mentorship programs helps employees connect with each other to discuss ideas, work together on improvement, and increase general relationships. Keeping employees current with technology and its advancements benefits the company and creates more diverse skills for individuals. Encouraging active participation creates a less hostile environment , and more efficient work environment, which increases productivity.

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Some real life examples of companies that invest in their employees through offering entry – level employees out of the ordinary professional development includes Adobe, Boston Consulting Group, and Deloitte. Adobe visits college campuses and companies to recruit a big and varied internship programme. For all new recent college graduates or persons entering the industry, Adobe additionally provides a number of educational tools about the company’s operations. Boston Consulting Group has a LAB Learning Portal, which provides employees with on-demand access to training and information from all of their areas of expertise and is available to employees all around the world. Deloitte is one of the best companies to work at regarding professional development. The CEO had created a learning centre, known as Deloitte University, which serves as a continual education resource for all levels of employees at the organisation, not including the specific training interns and new recruits receive. 

Implementing Professional Development as a Business

Implementing professional development in the workforce involves creating a more community based workplace, which can be created through the internal mentorship programs. Encouraging active participation of the employees also allows a better feeling of community. This is important due to employees reporting a higher level of happiness and satisfaction at the company, and allows for company culture growth. Teaching employees about technological advancements also allows employees to increase their skills, while benefiting the company through quick and efficient completion of tasks. 

What is Employee Morale and How to Improve It? 

Employee morale refers to an employee’s mood, contentment, and general outlook while working for a company or organization, meaning the overall mental and emotional condition of the workplace. 

The importance of improving employee morale is that employees will be more likely to put in more hours and be more productive and efficient with their work. An increase of attention to detail is also more likely, creating less mistakes and more safe work. There are a few different ways to boost employee morale, including asking for feedback and making sure to implement the feedback, supporting and encouraging employee – led initiatives, and promoting a good work – life balance. 

Asking for consistent feedback allows employees to feel more heard and appreciated in the company. Implementing the feedback received allows employers to listen to their employees, maintaining employee retention, and more productive employees. Supporting and encouraging employee – led initiatives, it allows the company to demonstrate that it cares about its employees, and also listens to what they want. Promoting a good work – life balance allows employees to seem more energized and upbeat during their time at work. 

Employees growing in their roles and constantly learning through professional development encouraged by their employers allows for a boost in employee morale.


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How do you appreciate a good employee?

What is Employee Appreciation?

Employee appreciation is the concept of rewarding an employee for their dedication, commitment, and development in the workplace. A simple “thank you” for a job well done or for contributing something positive to the company may well be considered appreciation.

photo of man holding a book

This gesture is essential in establishing a positive workplace culture and building employee-leader connections. Moreover, employee appreciation can be both physical, such as gift cards, and mental, such as compliments on the type of work an employee has done.

Why is Employee Appreciation Important?

Appreciation is important for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the reasons:

  • Increased Productivity: When employees sense that their work is valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be encouraged and work harder. This enables employees to maintain high performance levels, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Increased Respect / Builds loyalty: If employees feel acknowledged and recognized for their contributions to the organization, they are more inclined to respect their boss / higher up. It also gives them more confidence in the task they’re doing. This encourages employees to stay and work for the company, resulting in increased loyalty.
  • Greater Job Satisfaction: Employees who are appreciated have a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for the work they do. This allows them to enjoy their work, leading to better results and allowing the company to improve its performance. Employees who are appreciated also feel valued for the work they do for the company, resulting in low labor turnover and absenteeism.
  • Decreases Discouragement: Employees become discouraged over time, so it is impossible to prevent it. Appreciation reduces the chances of major discouragement in situations where productivity is at an all-time low. Employees become much more energetic and productive as a result of appreciation, which reduces their chances of becoming discouraged.
  • Enhances Team Connection: Employee appreciation strengthens the team’s relationship because employees and employers can bond and the team becomes more open to each other. This also reduces awkwardness among team members and improves their connection.

How Do You Show Appreciation?

Appreciation can be implemented in a variety of ways, and what is important in the implementation stage is determining the best way to appreciate someone, as people differ in their preferences for being appreciated. Here are top ways for showing appreciation to employees:

  • Gifts: Simple presents, such as gift cards, coupons, memberships and hampers, are a terrific way to express gratitude to employees for their dedication to the company.
  • Growth Opportunities: Increase employee development opportunities to show appreciation for their efforts. For example,  give them a new project, include them in something new that the company is experimenting with, or consider them for promotion. Introduce new and innovative ideas that promote growth and development.
  • Take Employees out for Dinner: After work, take your employees out to dinner. This method not only makes employees feel appreciated, but it also encourages employee-employer engagement. This allows for a better relationship to develop between employees and their employer.
  • Extra Days Off: Allow employees to take more time off to express gratitude for their contributions to the company. This method will not only make employees feel appreciated, but it will also increase their productivity and loyalty to the company. Employees can return to work in a better mood after taking those days off, allowing them to focus more on their work.
  • Appreciate Your Employees on Social Media: Show your appreciation for your employees and their work by posting on social media. Include their picture and write about their accomplishments, as well as something positive like “keep up the good work!” so they can feel valued and appreciated.

Baig Security’s Appreciation Methods

Baig Security has been recognising and appreciating their employees’ contributions to the company’s growth by posting them on social media platforms such as Linkedin and Google My Business. This gesture allowed Baig Security employees to be recognised and appreciated, especially during times when the majority of employees worked from home.

Baig Security also acknowledges and celebrates employee milestones and important events to show their appreciation for their employees. This improves relationships and strengthens bonds between the company and its employees, making them feel more valued and appreciated. 

To read more on employee appreciation visit these links!

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Small Business Showcase

Hi there! Baig Security is a security guard company in Ontario looking to run an online event to promote local small businesses on July 7th from 2pm-5pm. 

You’d be given a chance to talk about your business, what you do, and network with potential clients and other business owners. It’s free to sign your business up, all we ask is you promote the event on your socials and invite your network. 

For all businesses that attend they will be automatically enrolled in a raffle for a 50 dollar amazon card. 



In order to have the highest attendance possible, we plan on having a raffle for businesses that attend and participate to win a 50 dollar amazon gift card. This creates an incentive for businesses to want to partake in the event and advertise the event.

For attendees, we plan on having around three 10 dollar gift cards that are up for raffle.


July 7th at 2-5pm on Microsoft Teams

Value for businesses:

There are various positives that come from this event for the businesses attending, including networking opportunities, getting to meet potential clients, opportunities for growth, and increasing brand awareness. Opening oneself up to networking opportunities provides as a way to build connections with others in similar or related professions that can assist their company discover new clients, partners, and develop. Increasing brand awareness is important as it influences customers’ judgments while deciding between rival businesses.

Value for attendees:

For attendees, being present at the event allows them to support local businesses, receive offers or coupons from the attending businesses, the possibility of prizes, and webinars from local business influencers. Supporting local businesses demonstrates that attendees care about and are involved in the community’s well-being and future. Local businesses are more accountable to their communities and have a lesser carbon impact than larger corporations, which is excellent for the environment. Attending webinars from local business influencers allows attendees to learn about various topics that are often not taught in schools or elsewhere, like taxes 101 for small business or how to promote a business.

How to promote:

We are planning on promoting through various platforms including linkedin, our website, and instagram. We also plan to include advertising the event in the newsletter. Through having the involved business and influencers promote on their socials and reach out to their networks, we are going to be able to reach a bigger audience.

Interested? Businesses sign up below

Just interested in attending?,IwkKZTNGo0eZzKtChXNS6A,AYtMZzOJXEmX-8D5KvgbDQ,iWoei00HwE2I6vS2sC4zdA,BWDdkmXbdkye9-Gdy-NqCg,9onjuAn8gE-agLjCt-Lzxw?mode=read&tenantId=465ac757-2131-4711-b9a3-d8278b5c0b14

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Office security and safety tips to reduce risks in your work place

Why is office security and safety important?

Workplace security has always been a very crucial part of the wellbeing of employees. It eliminates any threats that may potentially occur both from within the workplace or outside threats. When proper measures are taken, employees will feel safe in their work environment and would know what safety precautions to take to maintain workplace safety. The following tips will be helpful in ensuring workplace safety and would help prevent injury, theft and damage in the workplace. 

1).Use label and signs

 Using labels and signs is a great tool that is a good way to remind employees to always be aware of their surroundings and keep other staff safe at all times. This is an affordable and effective way to communicate important information about securing a workplace environment through the aid of pictures conveying security procedures and protocols. The images would always serve as a reminder to always be safe and be considerate of every employee’s safety.

2). Have regular meetings on workplace Safety and Security

Scheduling regular meetings every few months or monthly to review safety/security rules and discuss prevention is very important. By doing this, every employee knows what to do in a case where there is an emergency. As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect your employees and provide a safe and secure workplace and this would be a helpful starting point. This would also depend on the industry your work environment is in as construction work sites may require much more frequent meetings.

3). Reward employees for safe behavior

Giving out small rewards to employees who follow safe and secure procedures will help keep them engaged in protecting the workplace from potential threats and in return would encourage employees to always be aware of security protocols. An example of a reward would be featuring the employee in a company blog or newsletter. This is an encouraging way to let the employee know you care for them and appreciate their effort .

4). Training employees

Comprehensive training is a must for protecting employees and keeping a workplace secure. Giving employees access to training would make an impact as employees may learn certain steps to protect the workplace and know what to do in a situation like a hazard or unsafe circumstances. A very helpful training would be the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System  (WHIMIS) and can be found on this website: . The training would go through different potential safety concerns and how to resolve the issue.

5). Make sure employees have the right tools and have regular equipment inspections

Having the right tools and equipment can help create a safer working environment. This would help prevent misuse of equipment and reduce the risk of workplace injury or danger. To prevent malfunctions, regular equipment inspections would have to be done to ensure that all equipment are working properly according to standard. If the equipments are not inspected often, it would lead to increased risk of workplace injury.

6). Keep a clean Work environment

If a workplace is not clean, the likelihood of accidents happening would be very high. To ensure safety of all employees it would be of best interest to hire a cleaning agency or manage your workspace to ensure there is productivity and safety. Organizing files and keeping your desk tidy and neat would be a great starting point to reduce clutter.

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7). Implement Safety Protocols from the Start

Employing the right staff who pay attention to detail from the day they are hired would be a good start. All necessary safety protocol information and procedures should be provided on the first day on the job. This would help build a strong safety culture. A WHIMIS ( Work Hazardous Materials Information System) training can be provided to all employees on their first day.

8). Get insights from Occupational Clinicians

An occupational clinician would be able to analyze the work environment and provide measures to prevent workplace injury. They would be able to visit your worksite and determine and identify high risk of injury or high safety concern areas in your workplace and work on improving them. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about safety from a professional and protect everyone in your company.

These safety and security tips would be very beneficial to companies that are looking to improve their safety and reliability in their workplace. Always remember, a safe workplace would make your employees feel cared for and in return increase productivity and is just one of the many benefits of keeping your workplace secure.

Interested in learning more about our training courses? Go to this link for more information.

Please check out the following resources to learn more:

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What type of companies need security guards?

At Baig Security, we know that as a business owner, you have to make sure all your purchases are justified. Don’t sweat it, we are here to help you figure out if you and your business need security guards. Every company, even small businesses can benefit from hiring security guards!

The benefits of hiring a security guard:

Retail loss

Your retail store has been targeted for theft and as such has begun to show profit losses. This is something that security guards can help you combat. You won’t have to constantly re-order your company supply.

architecture building business city need security guard

Having one of our highly trained security guards on the premises will keep employees accountable and more likely to stay on task.


All security guards are first aid trained, so should something happen to one of your employees or a customer, the guard will administer aid until an ambulance arrives.


If you are in business long enough you are sure to run into some disgruntled customers. With a security professional making customized security daily reports, you have a witness able to verify or refute their claims.

Deter Crime

Crime is a very serious issue, especially for small businesses. Hiring a security guard for your company will make criminals think twice before attempting a thing.


Hiring security guard services not only helps you with safety and liability but it also makes your business seem more professional to potential customers and improve customer service.

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Do you need security guards for your business?

Here’s a checklist to find out if you do.
  • Do you serve alcohol? All businesses that do should hire a security professional services to handle any potential inebriated customers in a safe manner.
  • Your business is open at night. The majority of crimes occur at night.
  • If your business is located in a high crime area we highly recommend hiring a security firm.
  • Your business suffers from trespassers, vandalism, or theft.

If your business falls under any of these categories then you should definitely hire security guard services.

Businesses that need a company security guard provider:

Banking and financial services

This is one of the industries that has the highest need for security companies, not only to protect people’s money but also to protect customers and staff.

bank blur business buy corporate security

As well, security guards can point customers to the correct area of the bank, and maintain order.

Retail and wholesale

Security guards are a necessary part of any retail business. Did you know every year Canadian businesses lose 1.4 billion dollars from employee theft alone. Providing your business with security solutions will help combat profit losses.

Medical facilities

Security guards are important to medical facilities, such as hospitals and psychiatric wards, to handle patients with violent tendencies and to ensure hospital staff are able to safely do their job. As well as direct patients to the E.R or other floors.

Hotel and hospitality

The hospitality industry runs off of customer satisfaction, and if a customer’s valuables were stolen, it would negatively reflect on your business. Hiring security services can help prevent negative experiences like this.


Construction projects have many high cost equipment on the premises. Security guards can ensure day and night that nothing happens to it. As well, these sites are prone to trespassing, vandalism and tampering. With security guard services you reduce the chance of this happening.

To conclude, every business has something to protect. Whether its employees, assets or resources, hiring security guards can help you achieve this goal.

Interested in learning more about what security guards can offer your business?

Check out the link below to learn more:

If you are looking to hire a security firm for your business, contact us at [email protected] or go to our website: to request a quote.