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Small Business Showcase

Hi there! Baig Security is a security guard company in Ontario looking to run an online event to promote local small businesses on July 7th from 2pm-5pm. 

You’d be given a chance to talk about your business, what you do, and network with potential clients and other business owners. It’s free to sign your business up, all we ask is you promote the event on your socials and invite your network. 

For all businesses that attend they will be automatically enrolled in a raffle for a 50 dollar amazon card. 



In order to have the highest attendance possible, we plan on having a raffle for businesses that attend and participate to win a 50 dollar amazon gift card. This creates an incentive for businesses to want to partake in the event and advertise the event.

For attendees, we plan on having around three 10 dollar gift cards that are up for raffle.


July 7th at 2-5pm on Microsoft Teams

Value for businesses:

There are various positives that come from this event for the businesses attending, including networking opportunities, getting to meet potential clients, opportunities for growth, and increasing brand awareness. Opening oneself up to networking opportunities provides as a way to build connections with others in similar or related professions that can assist their company discover new clients, partners, and develop. Increasing brand awareness is important as it influences customers’ judgments while deciding between rival businesses.

Value for attendees:

For attendees, being present at the event allows them to support local businesses, receive offers or coupons from the attending businesses, the possibility of prizes, and webinars from local business influencers. Supporting local businesses demonstrates that attendees care about and are involved in the community’s well-being and future. Local businesses are more accountable to their communities and have a lesser carbon impact than larger corporations, which is excellent for the environment. Attending webinars from local business influencers allows attendees to learn about various topics that are often not taught in schools or elsewhere, like taxes 101 for small business or how to promote a business.

How to promote:

We are planning on promoting through various platforms including linkedin, our website, and instagram. We also plan to include advertising the event in the newsletter. Through having the involved business and influencers promote on their socials and reach out to their networks, we are going to be able to reach a bigger audience.

Interested? Businesses sign up below

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Security Considerations for Businesses

When it comes to your company’s security, who do you trust? Security is a serious concern for any business owners, young professionals, and entrepreneurs. This blog post will discuss some of the main reasons why finding a good security firm is so important for your company’s future success. Security is like insurance, you won’t know when you need it until you need it, so don’t be cheap on it.

What are some things you can do to make your security acquisition better? We’ll start by addressing your business’s current needs, from video surveillance to full trained staff, you should assess what parts of your work are required to be protected. Do you need insurance for high-end assets? Like a Jewelry store, Do you have a restaurant or a bar that requires human intervention to protect your patrons? Think about exactly what is your priority to keep secure, will give you pointers on what services are worth getting.

Security Guards

So you’re hiring security guards? We can help! There are a few things you want to keep in mind when looking for your first guard. You are putting a lot on the line when you decide to open your doors, and while generating more revenue is important, nothing is more valuable than your own life and those of your employees. While many people might not realize it, there are countless dangers that both you and your employees may face in the workplace. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for business owners to find the right security company for their needs. 

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that the guard is of good moral character- their job is to protect you, after all. You also want to make sure they have experience with the specific type of event or space that you need them for. Remember! Security guards are still representing your company, find people that are able to do their job diligently and responsibly, quick wits and a cold head go a long way when an emergency arises! Finally, always ask for references from past clients and do your research before making any decisions!

Insurance companies

Now if you’re looking to get some insurance you might also keep in mind what security measures need to be put in place in order to keep your assets in maximum security. Do you need alarms? 24/7 surveillance and video recording? Are your workers in a high-risk environment? Keeping all these considerations in mind, insurance helps you keep your peace of mind and allows you to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Certifications and Training

Nothing says safety more than having staff that is properly trained and knows the correct skills. When a worker doesn’t know how to operate a tool or machinery, lacks the experience and the awareness of their workplace, they can become a liability or a security concern for you. That’s why having properly trained staff is a must. Either a First Aid training, WHMIS, Etc. Proper licenses for vehicles or activities, all these staff development courses must be, as a business owner, something for you to consider. Yes, accidents are never fully preventable, but foresight is king when determining who are your best candidates for your work. Either if you’re considering in-house training, outsourcing, or Online training, getting your staff to optimal skill is a top safety priority.

With all this information at hand, you should be able to make the most optimal decision for your business, And the best decision is Baig Security.

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WHMIS Training – What it is and why you need it

What is WHMIS?

You may be wondering, what is WHMIS and why do you need to get it? In this article, we will discuss the reasons you need a WHMIS certificate, and how it can help you in your chosen field. 

WHMIS training is legally required for everyone in Canada who works with or may encounter hazardous materials at work. In Ontario, WHMIS legislation applies to all workplaces except farms. There are many ways to receive training, the goal always remains the same; ensure that workers receive, understand, and use the necessary information to stay safe while working with hazardous products in the workplace.

paramedics inside an ambulance

WHMIS safeguards the health of the workers who engage with or alongside hazardous products. It also safeguards the health of both the workplace and it’s employees. 

Any given workplace incorporates a quantity of interest in chemicals and substances. All of them have their very own set of adverse effects. They will need their own unique handling requirements to prevent problems. However, these dangerous substances are used among workers, which may cause major respiratory and other health problems. Others are also in control of materials that have got to be cleaned and disposed of in certain ways.

We interviewed Zaid Von Velten, an Environmental, Health and Safety professional to get his take on WHMIS training. 

This is what he had to say:

How can knowing WHMIS help you in daily life?

“Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is an essential tool to protect the health and safety of our workers in the workplace. Most of our workers handle or work near hazardous chemicals on the daily basis. Thus, having knowledge of WHMIS is a crucial factor in enabling you to handle chemicals safely.”

Check Zaid out on LinkedIn

It also gives those trained in it an understanding of how to avoid physical injury or exposure by being aware of household appliances that could cause harm, e.g. bleach. 

How does WHMIS training benefit businesses?

“By having knowledgeable and trained workers in the workplace, workers will less likely to have an accident while handling or working near hazardous materials.”

Employers must ensure that their employees are trained on hazardous products before they use them. The type and amount of training are dependent on whether a product is new to the workplace and/or newly classified as a hazardous product. By having your employees WHMIS certified you reduce your business’s liability if something should happen.

Should you include a WHMIS certification on your resume?

“Yes, It’s an important skill for most employers.”

Any certification no matter how small is always good to add to your resume as it shows your knowledge.

Does having a WHMIS certificate boost your employability?

blue single use medical face masks

“Yes, in some cases. Certain employers would have WHMIS knowledge and experience as a must in their job posting.”

 In this case, it is especially important to add WHMIS certifications to resumes when applying to jobs as employers are more likely to hire someone who is already certified rather than paying for that employee to take a WHMIS course.

What sort of workplaces require WHMIS training?

“Majority of Canadian workplaces require WHMIS training.”

If a workplace has hazardous materials on-site, or has you handling them they are required to offer WHMIS or at least a form of Safety training.

Check out Baig Security’s own WHMIS training course at

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First Aid: Why do businesses need proper training for staff?

Depending what industry or sector you work in there might be an obvious or more pressing need to be first aid certified. However, it’s important for every sector, regardless of obvious need to have their employees certified in first aid. 

There are benefits for both employee and employer to having employees completed first aid training courses. In this article we’ll look at some of the ways that first aid training can benefit both employers and employees, as well as Baig Security’s first aid training course.

So Why Should You Provide First Aid Training for Staff?

Well, first of all as an employer, it can ensure you are meeting any legal obligations for safety and training depending on where you work.

ambulance architecture building business

As well, having employees be first aid trained means if an accident where an injury is the result happens on your businesses premise, it allows for employees to react quickly to the situation and render aid. 

As well, if you work in a sector which has high workplace accident rates, awareness due to first aid training can help avoid these instances, and keep your employees safe. 

As well as an increased feeling of safety for employees, allowing them to be comfortable in their workspace and improve workflow. If an employee is constantly feeling unsafe, they are less likely to do their best work. 

What are the Benefits for employees?

There are  lots of benefits to being first aid trained as an employee. For example, it’s a great resume booster! As well, it allows you to be safe, and lessens anxiety by ensuring you know how to react if you or a co-worker is injured.

Being first aid trained doesn’t only apply at work. It is a useful skill that can help you no matter where you are. If something should happen at home, or out in public you are equipped with the skills to help.

Lastly, being first aid certified means you are safe to work alone. If an employee who has no first aid training is working alone and receives an injury they are more likely to panic and make poor decisions. 

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Now that you know the benefits of first aid training for both employer and employees, check out Baig Security’s first aid training course! 

It can be completed in a hybrid delivery or fully in person and costs 89.99. It is a red cross certified course, and covers the following topics:

  • Preparing to respond
  • The EMS system
  • Check, call, care
  • Airway emergencies
  • Breathing and circulation emergencies
  • First aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest
  • Wound care
  • Written exam

Interested in learning more about our first aid training course? Go to this link for more information.

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How to become a licensed private investigator?

First things first, are you eligible to become a private investigator?

Who can become an investigator?

To be eligible for a private investigator licence in Ontario, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Have a clean criminal record

What type of investigator do you want to be?

This is an important next step to starting a P.I career. You might be surprised to know that they do more than just discover affairs! There is a wealth of different career paths you can take as a licensed investigator. 

Different Private Investigator Paths

The following are some of the career paths that come with working as a private investigator:

Personal family investigations

A family investigation generally involves working with divorced people and child custody. 


Crimes against persons

Child custody investigations

Cyber extortion and bribery

Art and jewelry theft

Attorney legal support

Litigation support

Genealogy, probate and estate

Lost and unclaimed assets

Workers compensation fraud

Corporate crisis management

Workplace drug trafficking

Fraud and forgery investigations

Brand protection

Manufacturing and industrial theft

You can also specialize in surveillance, fraud, motor vehicle investigations, insurance and cyber forensics.

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Steps required to be licensed as a private investigator

Basic training course

Check out our Private Investigator Training course. This specialized 50hr online course meets and exceeds the syllabus requirements of the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General. It is delivered 100% online and has been updated recently to reflect any changes in relevant legislation. Upon sign up, our Private Investigator students receive a comprehensive practice test to complete at their own pace to further prepare them for the provincial exam.

As a licensed private investigator in Ontario you will have to deal with challenging situations and will require proficient training to be able to handle them. We offer a comprehensive private investigator program that is aligned with the Ontario Ministry’s 50hr syllabus and meets Ministry requirements. Our curriculum will also give you all the practical tools and training you need to be successful.

Licensing exam

Apply for a private investigator licence

Once you’ve successfully completed your private investigator training course you will need to apply for your license. Once you receive it you can start practicing as a private investigator. 

What is the cost of obtaining a private investigator licence?

The cost varies based off of course provider, our course is $229.

Interested in learning more about our training courses? Go to this link for more information.

Why should you get a first aid license?


Did you know, according to the Red Cross, despite forty percent of Canadians being in a situation where they or someone else needed emergency care, only eighteen percent of Canadians are first aid certified? 


With detailed courses and well-trained instructors, first aid training is easier than it’s ever been! However, that’s not to say that completing a training course to receive your certificate is going to take little to no work on your part. You still have to make sure you understand the material, pass the tests, and self discipline. 


Another good reason is if first aid qualification is something your employer requires! If you work in or as first responders, education, medical, or as a lifeguard or corrections worker, you will need a certificate for completing a first aid training course. 


Lastly, if you are a parent or guardian, understanding how to administer first aid is crucial. If your or someone else’s child chokes on their food, or falls and hits their head, you need to be able to stay calm, assess the situation and deliver first aid. Taking a first aid/CPR course is the best way to learn how to do this. 

Here is a brief example of what a first aid course can cover: 


Have you or someone you know broke a bone? If you encounter someone who has and needs help until the paramedics arrive, first aid training can teach you how to do this. It’s important to treat the injury as best as possible, which is why if you don’t have first aid training, you could actually do more harm than good. Treatment might be as simple as immobilizing or supporting the limb to assist reduce the pain and stop further injury.


Did you know there are different ways you can break a bone? A fracture is when there’s an opportunity or crack during a bone, and it can either be considered open or closed. A closed fracture is when the skin remains intact and therefore the bone isn’t protruding, while an open fracture is when the skin is broken. 


Broken bones can have many signs and symptoms, for example:

Pain to the affected area that gets worse once you move it

Numbness within the injured area

Bluish colouring, swelling, or deformity

Bone protruding through the skin

Heavy bleeding

An easy method to spot the symptoms is to use SLIPS:

S stands for: swelling, bruising

L stands for: loss of use of the limb

I stands for: irregularity, deformation

P stands for: pain, tenderness at the location

S stands for: shock

In a first aid course you will not only learn to spot a break but also how to treat one. For example using the RICE method:

R – rest

I – ice

C – compress

E – elevate

Remember, as a primary aider, you’ll help them from getting worse but you can’t fix them, that’s up to the paramedics. Make certain to follow the right procedures and call. The earlier the injury/wound can receive medical help the better the chance of a full recovery.If you are interested in learning more about our first aid and cpr certification course, click here for more information first aid training

What type of companies need security guards?

At Baig Security, we know that as a business owner, you have to make sure all your purchases are justified. Don’t sweat it, we are here to help you figure out if you and your business need security guards. Every company, even small businesses can benefit from hiring security guards!

The benefits of hiring a security guard:

Retail loss

Your retail store has been targeted for theft and as such has begun to show profit losses. This is something that security guards can help you combat. You won’t have to constantly re-order your company supply.

architecture building business city need security guard

Having one of our highly trained security guards on the premises will keep employees accountable and more likely to stay on task.


All security guards are first aid trained, so should something happen to one of your employees or a customer, the guard will administer aid until an ambulance arrives.


If you are in business long enough you are sure to run into some disgruntled customers. With a security professional making customized security daily reports, you have a witness able to verify or refute their claims.

Deter Crime

Crime is a very serious issue, especially for small businesses. Hiring a security guard for your company will make criminals think twice before attempting a thing.


Hiring security guard services not only helps you with safety and liability but it also makes your business seem more professional to potential customers and improve customer service.

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Do you need security guards for your business?

Here’s a checklist to find out if you do.
  • Do you serve alcohol? All businesses that do should hire a security professional services to handle any potential inebriated customers in a safe manner.
  • Your business is open at night. The majority of crimes occur at night.
  • If your business is located in a high crime area we highly recommend hiring a security firm.
  • Your business suffers from trespassers, vandalism, or theft.

If your business falls under any of these categories then you should definitely hire security guard services.

Businesses that need a company security guard provider:

Banking and financial services

This is one of the industries that has the highest need for security companies, not only to protect people’s money but also to protect customers and staff.

bank blur business buy corporate security

As well, security guards can point customers to the correct area of the bank, and maintain order.

Retail and wholesale

Security guards are a necessary part of any retail business. Did you know every year Canadian businesses lose 1.4 billion dollars from employee theft alone. Providing your business with security solutions will help combat profit losses.

Medical facilities

Security guards are important to medical facilities, such as hospitals and psychiatric wards, to handle patients with violent tendencies and to ensure hospital staff are able to safely do their job. As well as direct patients to the E.R or other floors.

Hotel and hospitality

The hospitality industry runs off of customer satisfaction, and if a customer’s valuables were stolen, it would negatively reflect on your business. Hiring security services can help prevent negative experiences like this.


Construction projects have many high cost equipment on the premises. Security guards can ensure day and night that nothing happens to it. As well, these sites are prone to trespassing, vandalism and tampering. With security guard services you reduce the chance of this happening.

To conclude, every business has something to protect. Whether its employees, assets or resources, hiring security guards can help you achieve this goal.

Interested in learning more about what security guards can offer your business?

Check out the link below to learn more:

If you are looking to hire a security firm for your business, contact us at [email protected] or go to our website: to request a quote.