Why is Professional Development Important in the Workplace?

What is Professional Development? 

After a person has entered the workforce, professional development refers to ongoing education and career training to assist them in gaining new abilities, keeping current on current trends, and progressing in their careers. 

Ensuring that individuals are able to stay relevant and up to date is one of the reasons for the importance of professional development. This is due to the fact that it allows for employees to stay up to date with the trends in their industry. Encouraging professional development allows for an increase in employee retention rate as employees are more likely to see growth opportunities and feel more involved and important to the company and their higher – ups.

Ways to Offer Professional Development

There are a few different ways to encourage professional development in the workplace, including mentorship programs, the use of technological advancement, and encouraging active participation. Creating internal mentorship programs helps employees connect with each other to discuss ideas, work together on improvement, and increase general relationships. Keeping employees current with technology and its advancements benefits the company and creates more diverse skills for individuals. Encouraging active participation creates a less hostile environment , and more efficient work environment, which increases productivity.

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Some real life examples of companies that invest in their employees through offering entry – level employees out of the ordinary professional development includes Adobe, Boston Consulting Group, and Deloitte. Adobe visits college campuses and companies to recruit a big and varied internship programme. For all new recent college graduates or persons entering the industry, Adobe additionally provides a number of educational tools about the company’s operations. Boston Consulting Group has a LAB Learning Portal, which provides employees with on-demand access to training and information from all of their areas of expertise and is available to employees all around the world. Deloitte is one of the best companies to work at regarding professional development. The CEO had created a learning centre, known as Deloitte University, which serves as a continual education resource for all levels of employees at the organisation, not including the specific training interns and new recruits receive. 

Implementing Professional Development as a Business

Implementing professional development in the workforce involves creating a more community based workplace, which can be created through the internal mentorship programs. Encouraging active participation of the employees also allows a better feeling of community. This is important due to employees reporting a higher level of happiness and satisfaction at the company, and allows for company culture growth. Teaching employees about technological advancements also allows employees to increase their skills, while benefiting the company through quick and efficient completion of tasks. 

What is Employee Morale and How to Improve It? 

Employee morale refers to an employee’s mood, contentment, and general outlook while working for a company or organization, meaning the overall mental and emotional condition of the workplace. 

The importance of improving employee morale is that employees will be more likely to put in more hours and be more productive and efficient with their work. An increase of attention to detail is also more likely, creating less mistakes and more safe work. There are a few different ways to boost employee morale, including asking for feedback and making sure to implement the feedback, supporting and encouraging employee – led initiatives, and promoting a good work – life balance. 

Asking for consistent feedback allows employees to feel more heard and appreciated in the company. Implementing the feedback received allows employers to listen to their employees, maintaining employee retention, and more productive employees. Supporting and encouraging employee – led initiatives, it allows the company to demonstrate that it cares about its employees, and also listens to what they want. Promoting a good work – life balance allows employees to seem more energized and upbeat during their time at work. 

Employees growing in their roles and constantly learning through professional development encouraged by their employers allows for a boost in employee morale.


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WHMIS Training – What it is and why you need it

What is WHMIS?

You may be wondering, what is WHMIS and why do you need to get it? In this article, we will discuss the reasons you need a WHMIS certificate, and how it can help you in your chosen field. 

WHMIS training is legally required for everyone in Canada who works with or may encounter hazardous materials at work. In Ontario, WHMIS legislation applies to all workplaces except farms. There are many ways to receive training, the goal always remains the same; ensure that workers receive, understand, and use the necessary information to stay safe while working with hazardous products in the workplace.

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WHMIS safeguards the health of the workers who engage with or alongside hazardous products. It also safeguards the health of both the workplace and it’s employees. 

Any given workplace incorporates a quantity of interest in chemicals and substances. All of them have their very own set of adverse effects. They will need their own unique handling requirements to prevent problems. However, these dangerous substances are used among workers, which may cause major respiratory and other health problems. Others are also in control of materials that have got to be cleaned and disposed of in certain ways.

We interviewed Zaid Von Velten, an Environmental, Health and Safety professional to get his take on WHMIS training. 

This is what he had to say:

How can knowing WHMIS help you in daily life?

“Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is an essential tool to protect the health and safety of our workers in the workplace. Most of our workers handle or work near hazardous chemicals on the daily basis. Thus, having knowledge of WHMIS is a crucial factor in enabling you to handle chemicals safely.”

Check Zaid out on LinkedIn

It also gives those trained in it an understanding of how to avoid physical injury or exposure by being aware of household appliances that could cause harm, e.g. bleach. 

How does WHMIS training benefit businesses?

“By having knowledgeable and trained workers in the workplace, workers will less likely to have an accident while handling or working near hazardous materials.”

Employers must ensure that their employees are trained on hazardous products before they use them. The type and amount of training are dependent on whether a product is new to the workplace and/or newly classified as a hazardous product. By having your employees WHMIS certified you reduce your business’s liability if something should happen.

Should you include a WHMIS certification on your resume?

“Yes, It’s an important skill for most employers.”

Any certification no matter how small is always good to add to your resume as it shows your knowledge.

Does having a WHMIS certificate boost your employability?

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“Yes, in some cases. Certain employers would have WHMIS knowledge and experience as a must in their job posting.”

 In this case, it is especially important to add WHMIS certifications to resumes when applying to jobs as employers are more likely to hire someone who is already certified rather than paying for that employee to take a WHMIS course.

What sort of workplaces require WHMIS training?

“Majority of Canadian workplaces require WHMIS training.”

If a workplace has hazardous materials on-site, or has you handling them they are required to offer WHMIS or at least a form of Safety training.

Check out Baig Security’s own WHMIS training course at https://baigsecurity.com/courses/

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How to become a licensed private investigator?

First things first, are you eligible to become a private investigator?

Who can become an investigator?

To be eligible for a private investigator licence in Ontario, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Have a clean criminal record

What type of investigator do you want to be?

This is an important next step to starting a P.I career. You might be surprised to know that they do more than just discover affairs! There is a wealth of different career paths you can take as a licensed investigator. 

Different Private Investigator Paths

The following are some of the career paths that come with working as a private investigator:

Personal family investigations

A family investigation generally involves working with divorced people and child custody. 


Crimes against persons

Child custody investigations

Cyber extortion and bribery

Art and jewelry theft

Attorney legal support

Litigation support

Genealogy, probate and estate

Lost and unclaimed assets

Workers compensation fraud

Corporate crisis management

Workplace drug trafficking

Fraud and forgery investigations

Brand protection

Manufacturing and industrial theft

You can also specialize in surveillance, fraud, motor vehicle investigations, insurance and cyber forensics.

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Steps required to be licensed as a private investigator

Basic training course

Check out our Private Investigator Training course. This specialized 50hr online course meets and exceeds the syllabus requirements of the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General. It is delivered 100% online and has been updated recently to reflect any changes in relevant legislation. Upon sign up, our Private Investigator students receive a comprehensive practice test to complete at their own pace to further prepare them for the provincial exam.

As a licensed private investigator in Ontario you will have to deal with challenging situations and will require proficient training to be able to handle them. We offer a comprehensive private investigator program that is aligned with the Ontario Ministry’s 50hr syllabus and meets Ministry requirements. Our curriculum will also give you all the practical tools and training you need to be successful.

Licensing exam

Apply for a private investigator licence

Once you’ve successfully completed your private investigator training course you will need to apply for your license. Once you receive it you can start practicing as a private investigator. 

What is the cost of obtaining a private investigator licence?

The cost varies based off of course provider, our course is $229.

Interested in learning more about our training courses? Go to this link www.baigsecurity.com/training for more information.